September 21. 2012   Style Sport Clothing Compan...

September 21. 2012


Style Sport Clothing Company

8672 Brooklyn Boulevard

West Windsor, VT00034


To whom it may concern:

I am returning a shirt. I ordered it from your catalogue last month. I would like a full refund for this item. When I received it, all the buttons were missing. When I spoke to your customer service representative on the phone yesterday, he informed me that I could not return the item because it was on sale. When I ordered this shirt, however, I did not expect to pay for one without buttons. I am not returning the colour or size; I am returning it because it was damaged when I received it. This is the reaason I would like my money back. I have been a satisfied customer in the past, and I know you eill take care of this matter to my satisfaction.


Faithfully yours.

Roger Roberts


Roger Robert expects that...

  1. he can meet the manager

  2. he will get his money back

  3. the company will send him a new shirt

  4. the company will invite him to buy one

  5. the customer representative be friendly


Berdasarkan kalimat “...This is the reason I would like my money back” yang terdapat pada kalimat ke-2 terakhir, dapat diketahui bahwa penulis ingin uangnya dikembalikan sehingga pilihan jawaban (B) adalah yang paling tepat.




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