What tense(s) is used in the text?


Read the text aloud and answer the questions orally.

    Let me tell you my memorable moment in my life. Guess what? Well, it is my first meet-and-greet event I've ever attended.

    Last December, my classmate told me that a sequel of Dilan movie, entitled Dilan 1991, would be premiered soon. I had read the novel, so I could not wait to watch the movie. Plus, I am a big fan of lqbaal Ramadhan. Later, I found ·out that the cast of Dilan 199 1 would hold a meet-and-greet event in my town. Of course, I would not miss this chance to meet my idol, Iqbaal.

    The D-day came and it was Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of people, mostly teenagers, attended the event, which was held in one of big shopping malls in my town. My friends and I took the seats at the front row. It had been pretty a long while before all the cast entered the· stage, but it was not ·a big problem. We kept enthusiastic to meet our idols.

    Finally, the cast appeared before us. All of us cheered their names, especially Iqbaal and Vanesha, the main cast of the movie. I myself was so excited that I could meet my idol. The situation at the moment was very noisy and crowded. Fortunately, the event organizer staff were able to overcome the situation well so that all the audience could sit properly and calmly, and the event ran smoothly.

    The event started by introducing the cast of Dilan 1991 and their roles in the movie. After that, the cast described the movie briefly and their opinions about the movie. Next was the answer-and-question session. The host invited the audience to ask anything related to the movie and the cast would answered the questions. Soon I raised my hand and asked Iqbaal how he developed his character as Dilan. Before answering my question, he asked my name which made me shocked, but very happy. Then, he answered my question clearly and I was pleased with the answer. I think, he is a really smart and talented actor! During the event, we all clapped and cheered whenever the cast spoke.

    The event lasted for around an hour. Before leaving the hall, Iqbaal and other cast invited the audience to watch the movie. My friends and I had already bought the tickets to watch it. So, after the meet-and-greet event, we went to the cinema. We were all satisfied with the movie and the cast as well.

    One thing that made this moment very special and memorable was that I had a chance to take photos with Iqbaal! Wow, that was amazing for me!

What tense(s) is used in the text?

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang paling tepat adalah Simple Past Tense, Simple Present Tense, dan Past Perfect Tense.



Soal menanyakan tentang tenses apa saja yang dipakai pada teks.

Kalimat-kalimat pada teks terlihat menggunakan pola S + V2 atau S + was/were + complement yang merupakan rumus Simple Past Tense, pola  S +  is/am/are + complement yang merupakan rumus Simple Present Tense, dan pola  S + had + V3 yang merupakan rumus Past Perfect Tense.

Jadi jawaban yang paling tepat adalah Simple Past Tense, Simple Present Tense, dan Past Perfect Tense.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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