What is the text about?


Read the following text carefully! Then answer the questions!

My Horrible Experience

    I live in a small village. It is not far from a hill. There was a tropical storm few years before, so my school taught the students what to do when the disaster comes.
One afternoon last year, I was at home. I had turned the television on and was about to watch my favorite show. Suddenly, the electricity went off. Then my father called to say that a big storm was in the area.
    We went down to the basement where my father built after the previous storm, and hid in a closet. We could hear the storm. It is louder and louder. The walls started to shake. I had been a little scared the time before, but this time I was terrified. After about five minutes, when everything had become quiet again, we went to the kitchen to look outside. I saw that our house was okay, but unfortunately, the house next door was destroyed. 
    I called my parents immediately. They were safe, too. The next day, there was news on television that it was a tropical storm, and it caused flooding, a landslide in other areas, and some people's death. We were sad to hear that. It was a horrible experience, but fortunately we all survived.

What is the text about?


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the text is about the writer’s horrible experience when facing a big


Dengan membaca paragraf kedua, kita dapat menyimpulkan bahwa teks di atas menceritakan tentang pengalaman mengerikan yang dialami penulis ketika menghadapi badai besar.

Therefore, the text is about the writer’s horrible experience when facing a big


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3. The purpose of the text is to ____.



Jawaban terverifikasi


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