How was the food?


Answer the questions based on the text

My Holiday

    Last week, I went to Singapore with my family. We went to the Bird Park. It was the most interesting places to visit. It is the langest bird parks in the world. I saw many birds there.

    They were kept in a large cage, and there hundreds of beautiful birds from many different parts of the world, such as: penguins, parrots, eagles and ostriches.

    I spent two hours to see all the birds. When I felt tired, I took a rest at the restaurant beside the large cage. The food was so delicious.

How was the food?

N. Mulyandini

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Indonesia

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jawaban yang benar adalah "it was delicious"


Pertanyaan "How was the food?" menanyakan tentang makanan yang dimakan oleh penulis. Penjelasan penulis tentang makanan dapat ditemukan dalam kalimat "The food was so delicious" yang menyebutkan bahwa makanannya sangat lezat (delicious)

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang benar adalah "it was delicious"


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