Change a sentence in the text into positive, negative and interrogative form.

One of the unforgettable experiences was during the junior high school tour to Bali. It was the first time I went out with my friends. Many things were unforgettable and made me feel very happy. One of them I was not allowed to take pictures using my Canon camera. But I could sing with friends on the bus and enjoyed Balinese art party together. Usually when there is a tour to Bali, I will go with my aunt who lives in Denpasar. but now it can't anymore because of Covid 19.undefined

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Bacaan di atas adalah bentuk teks recount yang berfungsi untuk menceritakan kembali kejadian atau pengalaman yang terjadi di masa lalu. Tense yang digunakan adalah Simple Past Tense. Berikut adalah contoh kalimat Simple Past Tense dalam bentuk kalimat positif, negatif dan tanya:

Kalimat postif (S+V2)

I went out with my friends.

Kalimat negatif (S + did + not + V1)

I did not go out with my friends.

Kalimat tanya (Did + S + V1?)

Did you go out with your friends?undefined


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Order the jumbled sentences to form a good recount text!



Jawaban terverifikasi


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