This text is for questions no. 15-19. 

   Tanjung Benoa is a beach town. It is located at the elite area in Nusa Dua Bali. The area is situated with the view of the sea in Bali. On the north side, there are Benoa Harbour, Mertasari Recreation Park, and Serangan Island. The foreigners call serangan Island the turtle island, because it is used to breed the turtles.

   At Tanjung Benoa Beach, tourists can have various activities, such as swimming, sailing, waterskiing, and surfing. Surfing is a water sport of riding waves that are coming toward the shore by standing or lying on a special board called surfboard. It is a very enjoyable and impressive sport. Most surfing lovers call it as the most challenging water sport, as it needs skill, strength, as well as bravery. The others think that it is a very dangerous sport, as it fights against the dangerous waves of sea.

   Apart from swimming, snorkeling and diving are also the kinds of water sport favored by the tourist. Through diving googles, the beauty of Bali marine park can be viewed. Those who cannot dive can also enjoy the beauty of the marine park through the glass bottomed motor boats that are specially provided for the tourists. 

Which of statements is not true about the text? 

  1. Tanjung Benoa is a beach town located in Nusa Dua bali. 

  2. Tanjung Benoa is a very famous beach in Nusa Dua Bali. 

  3. Tourists can enjoy many kinds of water sports in Tanjung Benoa. 

  4. Tourists who cannot dive can also enjoy the beauty of the marine park. 

  5. Tourists can visit the turtle island which is used to breed the turtles. 

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Kalimat Tanjung Benoa is a very famous beach in Nusa Dua Bali atau "Tanjung Benoa adalah pantai yang sangat terkenal di Nusa Dua Bali" tidak disebutkan dalam teks.

Jadi, jawaban yang paling tepat adalah B.



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Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?



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