What kind of text is the text above?


    Once upon a time, there was an office worker whose name was Charles. He worked in the same insurance office for many years. But during that time, he became more and more unhappy. While he worked, he dreamed constantly, and in his dream he was always a hermit, he stayed in his room. He didn't like people. He especially didn't like people when they talked. He wanted peace and quiet. Life went on for Charles in this way until he became desperate.

    His big opportunity came when he learned about a sea voyage the two of his friends were planning. They expected to make the trip during their summer vacation. Charles asked to join them. While they were sailing, our hero talked to his friends about the joys of hermits' life. He talked until he finally convinced them and they decided to stop at the First Island that they found.

    A few days after this decision, they saw the island in the distance where they decided to live. Before they went ashore, Charles asked the other to make a promise not to say a word after they reached the island. They were to remain perfectly quiet during their stay.

    During the first few days after they landed, they built a little house where they planted a garden. The island was paradise for Charles because this was the peace and quiet that he wanted.

What kind of text is the text above?

  1. an anecdote text

  2. a descriptive text

  3. a narrative text

  4. an analytical exposition

  5. a recount text

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jawaban yang benar adalah C.


Kalimat "What kind of text is the text above?" berarti "Jenis teks apakah bacaan tersebut?"

Untuk mengetahui jenis teks dari suatu bacaan, kita harus paham struktur kebahasaan yang digunakan, struktur paragraf, dan isinya.

Teks tersebut menggunakan bentuk kalimat lampau (Past Tenses). Susunan paragraf yang digunakan dalam teks tersebut terdiri dari Orientation (pengenalan), Complication (konflik), dan Resolution (pemecahan masalah). Sedangkan dari isi cerita, terlihat cerita ini merupakan cerita fiksi. Berdasarkan ciri-ciri tersebut, dapat disimpulkan bahwa teks ini adalah Narrative.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang benar adalah C.


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Please tell the meaning and generic structure of Narrative text ?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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