Answer the following questions based on Text 1. What can we learn from the story?


Read the following texts.

Text 1

    Once upon a time, a prince from the Moon named Sumantapura was amazed by the Earth. He descended to the Earth and landed on an old woman's farm. His presence made the chicken crow. He heard a person approaching the farm, so he disguised himself as an egg. An old woman arrived at the farm and was shocked seeing a big egg. She took the egg and brought it home.

    Then, she went to the field to cultivate her land. In the afternoon she returned home and would have lunch. She was shocked because a person had eaten her meals. She couldn't find anyone in her house. It also happened on the following day. She was curious about who had eaten her meals.

    One morning the old woman prepared meals betel leaves to trap that person. When she left her house, Sumantapura came out of the egg. Then, he ate the meals and betel leaves. He never ate betel leaves before, so he passed out.

    In the afternoon the old woman returned home and found Sumantapura lying on the floor. "Wake up, young man. Who are you?" asked the old woman.

    "I am sorry, Ma'am. I have eaten your meals. I am Sumantapura. I am the prince of the Moon," said Sumantapura. He also told her how he was in her house. The old woman was surprised and asked him to stay with her. She called him La Onto-Ontolu which meant an egg.

    La Onto-Ontolu helped the old woman cultivate the land and feed the chicken. He also turned her house onto a good one using his power.

    Days passed by and La Onto-Ontolu wanted to marry. He asked the old woman to propose one of King
Buton's princesses. The old woman met the king and proposed the first princess to La Onto-Ontolu, but the princess refused the proposal. The old woman also proposed the second, third. fourth, and fifth princesses. They refused the proposals too because they thought that they would marry an egg. However, the sixth princess accepted the proposal. The old woman and La Onto-Ontolu were so happy.

    The old woman then brought La Onto-Ontolu in the form of an egg to the palace. The sixth princess accepted the egg happily. Suddenly, the egg cracked and a handsome man appeared. People were surprised and the princess asked who he was. La Onto-Ontolu told that he was Sumantapura, the prince from the Moon. The princess was happy. Then, Sumantapura and the sixth princess married and lived happily ever after.

Translated from: (April 4, 2020).

Answer the following questions based on Text 1.

What can we learn from the story?

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah "Do not judge people by the cover".



Pertanyaan pada soal adalah menjawab pertanyaan berdasarkan bacaan. Terjemahan dari soal adalah "Apa yang bisa kita pelajari dari cerita tersebut?"

Pelajaran yang dapat diambil dari cerita adalah jangan menilai orang dari tampilannya, seperti putri keenam yang menerima Sumantapura dari wujudnya sebagai telur atau dalam bahasa inggris "Do not judge people by the cover".

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah "Do not judge people by the cover".


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Answer the following questions based on Text 1. What is the conflict of the story?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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