What kind of chicken do we use in the recipe?


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Healthy Fried Rice

Fried rice is healthy and delicious food. You can make it yourself. If you find any difficulty, you can ask an adult to help you.


-  Frozen green peas soaked in hot water.

-  A spoonful of oyster sauce

-  5 spoonfuls cooking oil

-  Chicken fillet

-  A plate of rice

-  Two eggs

-  Pepper

-  Leeks

-  Garlic

-  Salt


1) Cut up chicken fillet into small pieces.

2) Chop up the leeks into very small pieces.

3) Grind garlic, pepper, and salt together.

4)  Break and stir together two eggs.

How to make it: 

1)  First, fry the chicken fillet in the cooking oil.

2)  Then, pour on the eggs and green peas.

3)   After that, pour in the ground garlic, pepper, and salt.

4)   Add a spoonful of oyster sauce.

5)   Add in the leeks.

6)   Then, add the rice. Mix well.

7)   Finally, serve the Healthy Fried Rice on a plate.

What kind of chicken do we use in the recipe?

  1. Fillet.

  2. Sliced.

  3. Cut up.

  4. Chopped up.

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

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jawabannya adalah "Chicken fillet" (A)



Soal menanyakan tentang jenis ayam yang digunakan dalam resep.

Jawaban dari pertanyaan ini dapat ditemukan pada satu bahan yang dibutuhkan khususnya bahan kelima  yang berbunyi "Chicken fillet".

Jadi, jawabannya adalah "Chicken fillet" (A)


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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