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    There was once a poor boy named Dick Whittington who lived in a village without parents. He had heard stories about a big city called London where everybody was rich; London streets were paved with gold. He wanted to go there.

    One day, he met a friendly wagoner who gave him a lift to the city. He was amazed at that big city. Unfortunately, he couldn't find any gold on the street. He had no money and ate no food few days. He collapsed in front of a kind rich merchant's house.

    The merchant gave him a job in his kitchen. But a cook didn't like him; he used to beat and pinch him. Dick Whittington had to sleep in a tiny room with many rats and mice which bothered him every night. Then, he decided to buy a cat by using his saving. Luckily, that clever cat was very good at catching mice and rats.

    One day, the merchant would go on a long voyage and sell everything on his ship. Dick Whittington asked the merchant to help him sell his cat. After arriving in a destination, the merchant was invited by King and Queen to a feast. However, hundreds of rats gobbled all of food there. The merchant offered the clever cat to help King solve his problem.

    King was very happy. He gave the merchant a ship full of gold in return. Finally, the merchant gave all of the gold to Dick Whittington. He spent money wisely and helped people.

(Adapted from: text-pendek/)

What is the story about?undefined 

  1. A poor boy named Dick Whittington.undefined 

  2. A king and a merchant.undefined 

  3. A poor boy that worked as a cook.undefined 

  4. A clever cat.undefined 

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah A.


Soal menanyakan isi cerita.

Teks tersebut menceritakan atau mengisahkan tentang seorang anak laki-laki miskin bernama Dick Whittington atau A poor boy named Dick Whittington yang karena kerja kerasnya dan kesabarannya akhirnya dia mendapat kebaikan di akhir cerita. Dalam kalimat pertama, jelas dikatakan bahwa ia adalah anak laki-laki yang miskin.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah A.


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Answer the questions. How did the story end?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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