The following text is for questions 22 to 26.

My father has a new black car. He bought it after saving the money for 3 years. He bought it so that my family can travel together easily.

Father uses the car to drive my sister and I to school every morning. Twice a week, father drives my mother to the traditional market for shopping

The car has a good design, and it has eight seats; two seats in front, three seats in the middle, and another three seats at the back row.

It is very easy to drive. My mother can drive it by herself if my father is too busy in his office to take her to go shopping.

What is the second paragraph about?

  1. The way the family drive their car.

  2. What mother does to the car.

  3. How the car looks like.

  4. Why the family use a car.

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Berdasarkan informasi pada paragraf kedua, dapat diketahui bahwa ayah dari penulis menggunakan mobil tersebut untuk mengantar penulis dan adik perempuannya ke sekolah setiap pagi dan 2 kali dalam seminggu, sang ayah mengantarkan ibu ke pasar tradisional untuk belanja, sehingga pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah (D).


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