Read the story in Assignment 3 again. Then choose the correct answers. Narratives usually contain morals. Where do you find the moral of a story?


Read the story. Complete the sentences with the underlined words.

(A Story from Taiwan)

    1 Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer. He lived with his wife. One day, when he dug his field, he found a big box.

    2 'What's this?' he asked. He brought the box home and showed it to his wife. They did not know what to do with the box. After they had cleaned it, they kept it in their house.

    3 One morning, his wife accidentally dropped an apple into the box. Amazingly, the apple multiplied quickly. Soon the box was filled with apples. The wife was so surprised. She took one apple from the box but another apple replaced the missing one. No matter how many apples were taken out, the box was never empty of apples.

    4 "How about if I drop a coin into this box?" asked the farmer. Surprisingly, the apples disappeared and coins started to multiply inside the box. Soon, the box was full of coins.

    5 The farmer and his wife were very happy. Every day, they collected hundreds of coins from the box. They became very rich.

    6 One day, the farmer's grandfather came and lived with them. He was very old and weak, so the farmer asked him to only take the coins out of the box. After some days, the grandfather was so tired. He wanted to rest, but the farmer got angry with him.

    7 'You are so lazy! You should work harder,' the farmer yelled at his grandfather.

    8 The old man did not say anything. He continued working. Suddenly he fell into the box and died. At once, all the money in the box disappeared and the box was filled with dead grandfathers. The farmer regretted his words, but it was too late. He pulled all the grandfathers out of the box. But there were so many. And the farmer had to use all his money for the funeral.

    9 At the end, the box broke. The farmer became poor again. If only the farmer had treated his grandfather well, he would not have become this unfortunate.

Read the story in Assignment 3 again. Then choose the correct answers.

Narratives usually contain morals. Where do you find the moral of a story?

  1. At the beginning of the story.

  2. In the middle of the story.

  3. At the end of the story.

  4. In the title.

A. Mufida

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang benar adalah C.


Jawaban untuk soal ini adalah C.

Perintah pada soal adalah menjawab pertanyaan sesuai dengan bacaan. Terjemahan dari soal adalah "Narasi biasanya mengandung moral. Di mana Anda menemukan moral dari sebuah cerita?".

Pesan moral biasanya dapat diketahui ketika cerita dalam suatu bacaan telah berakhir atau "At the end of the story".

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah C.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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