Last month I went to Kupang with my brother to visit our aunt. On the first day, our cousin took us to Rote. From Kupang, it took us 1 ½ hours on the fast ferry. The waves there were very strong. We visited a fishing village there. After that, we went on a small boat to see a seaweed farming project. Finally, we came back home in the evening. That was one of our great holidays in Kupang and we were so happy.

The writer went to Kupang because ....

  1. his brother wanted to see a seaweed farming project 

  2. he longed to see his aunt 

  3. he had never gone to Kupang before

  4. he wanted to spend his holiday there 

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Berdasarkan kalimat “Last month I went to Kupang with my brother to visit our aunt.”, dapat diketahui bahwa bulan lalu penulis dan saudara laki-lakinya pergi ke Kupang untuk mengunjungi bibinya, sehingga dapat diketahui alasan penulis pergi ke Kupang yaitu (B) ‘he longed to see his aunt’ atau ‘ia ingin bertemu bibinya’


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