All his life, Guntur had dreamt about travelling a...

All his life, Guntur had dreamt about travelling aboard. One day his school announced a competition for scholarship to study in Singapore. As he really wished to go aboard, he followed the competition. he prepared well for the competition because he didn’t want to miss the chance. He won the competition and could go aboard. studying in Singapore.

Guntur was pleased when he heard about his winning the scholarship. He was going to study in Singapore. He actually felt cheerless when he had to say goodbye to his family and friends. However, he was excited about going to the university and meet people from all over the world.

The first few weeks in Singapore was not easy for Guntur. Sometimes, he felt homesick and lonely. The other students were nice, but he found it hard to get along with people from the countries with different background, cultures, and languages. He tried his best to adjust to the new environment. The classes were interesting, but they were hard. He had to spend time in the library many hours every day. Guntur didn’t want to give up. He knew he had to do his best and succeed.


Why did Guntur find difficult in his first few weeks in Singapore?

  1. He had difficulties to adapt and sometimes missed his family

  2. The class he took that semester were really hard and boring

  3. He wanted to treat his friends like family, but they refused

  4. Almost all his friends didn't like him


Berdasarkan kalimat “Sometimes, he felt homesick and lonely.”, dapat diketahui bahwa ia merasa rindu akan rumah dan juga merasa kesepian, sehingga pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah (A) ‘He had difficulties to adapt and sometimes missed his family’ atau ‘ia mengalami kesulitan untuk beradaptasi dan terkadang merindukan keluarganya’





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