I had a funny experience when I had to catch a tra...

I had a funny experience when I had to catch a train for a meeting. I have never been traveled on train before. I took an early morning train to where I had to meet my professor. At the station I read a sign “For Oakliegh Station, Please Board Four Rear Cars Only”. Then I boarded the rain but did not notice the position of my carriage. When I got to my destination, the train door was locked. It could not be opened. I panicked and forced it to open. I thought there must be something wrong. There was no platform. So I jumped off the train lines and had to cross the railway lines to reach the platform. A fast train came from the other direction. I was so shocked. After I met my professor, I told him the story. He explained, if the sign says please board four rear cars only, it means that the train only has a short platform. I realized that I was so stupid but I was so lucky that morning.

What happened when the writer did not understand the sign?

  1. He came to Oakliegh Station to catch the train.

  2. He could meet the professor in the early morning.

  3. He realized that he did not understand the sign. 

  4. He got on the train for rear cars only


Berdasarkan cerita di atas dapat diketahui bahwa ia tidak memahami tanda yang ada pada kereta, tanda tersebut berbunyi “please board for rear cars only”, yang maksudnya adalah kereta hanya memiliki peron yang pendek, sehingga pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah (D) ‘he got on the train for rear cars only’.




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