Dear Mr. Thompson   I recently received a letter...

Dear Mr. Thompson


I recently received a letter from Mr. Robinson, a valued customer of ours. He purchased an Italian coffee table and four French dining room chairs from which your company delivered to his residence.


He has written a complaint that the purchases arrived damaged. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and would like an explanation as to how this mishap occurred. Even though the items are insured our reputation is at stake. I would be most grateful if you would reply as soon as possible so that this matter can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.




Jackie Middleton
Customer Services Manager


What is the customer complaining about in his letter?

  1. Late delivery of the purchasing goods.

  2. The damaged purchased goods.

  3. Cancellation of the delivery.

  4. High price of the furniture

  5. Low quality of the product


Berdasarkan kalimat “He has written a complaint that the purchases arrived damaged” yang terdapat pada kalimat pertama di paragraf ke-2, dapat diketahui bahwa ada seorang pelanggan yang menulis surat keluhan karena barang yang dibelinya tiba dalam keadaan rusak sehingga pilihan jawaban (B) adalah yang paling tepat.




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