Write a paragraph with from story or naration!

Write a short story about George's father based on the following data.

He is 40 years old - engineering - works in the office - married 2002 - son born 2002 (Tommy) – daughter born 2008 (Nina) – responsibilities - a very happy man - a nice and happy family - religious.

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Untuk membentuk teks atas menjadi paragraf yang koheren, gunakan Simple Present Tense dalam pembentukan paragraf dan gunakan seluruh informasi yang ada. Berikut adalah contoh paragaf yang dapat dibentuk.

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah:

George's father is a 40-year-old man who has a degree in engineering and right now is working in an office. Other than George, his father has two other children. His first child is Tommy who was born on 2002 and his second child is Nina who was born on 2008. Even though his father a lot of responsibilities to attend to, he is always a happy man. He also has a very nice and happy family and he's also very religious.


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