Where does Andara study?


My New Classmates

    My name is Andara. I study in SMP Tunas Bangsa. I am thirteen years old.

    I have many new friends. They are Hanna, Sheila, Doni, and Andi. We are in the same class. Our class is VII B. We always go to school together. We usually go to school on foot.

    Hanna and Sheila are beautiful and smart girls. Both of them has ever won in mathematics Olympic when they were in elementary school. Every Sunday they go to the church together.

    Doni and Andi are twin brothers. They like to play basketball. Both of them are diligent students. Every Friday, we go to the mosques to pray together.

Where does Andara study?

N. Hariri

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Negeri Malang

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jawaban untuk soal tersebut adalah "Andara studies in SMP Tunas Bangsa."


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Jadi jawaban untuk soal tersebut adalah "Andara studies in SMP Tunas Bangsa."


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