Where do monkeys live in?


Read the text carefully and answer the question.


    Monkeys are interesting animals. They have got hair on their body and they have got a tail. They have a face similar to human face.

    They are generally vegetarian so they like fruits and vegtables. They like bananas very much. But they can eat insects, too.

    They can use stones and they can peel fruits. Scientists teach them human language and they can understand it but they can't speak it.

    They are social animals. They have got trībes. They live in the rainforest and they sleep on the trees. 

    They work together and they get their food. Sometimes, they work together and they steal their food from humans. They are intelligent, funny and amazing animals.

Where do monkeys live in?

  1. In the sea

  2. In the desert

  3. In the north pole

  4. In the rainforest

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jawaban yang benar adalah D.


Pertanyaan "Where do monkeys live in?" menanyakan tentang di mana monyet tinggal. Jawaban pertanyaan ini dapat ditemukan dalam kalimat "They live in the rainforest and they sleep on the trees". Kalimat tersebut menyebutkan bahwa monyet tinggal di hutan hujan (in the rainforest) dan tidur di atas pohon.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang benar adalah D.


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