Questions 32 – 34 are based on the following text.

UNESCO Beirut office launched a Media training programme for youth NGOs to enhance their communication skills, through enabling them to build media relations, increase their capacity to produce media material, push their news through national and international channels, and efficiently monitor this process.

Mr. George Awad, UNESCO Communication & Information programme officer, talked about the programme, its stages, benefits and the commitments needed from each NGO. This was followed by a brief on each NGO current communication status, which was lead by Ms. Nada Hamzeh, UNESCO consultant.

The second session was a panel discussion with Mr. Sam Menassa, General Manager of Radio Voice of Lebanon and Mr. Ghassan Hajjar, managing editor at Annahar Newspaper. The two guests shared their perspectives on “Understanding the Media” and how it is dealt with at different media outlets through their own experiences. Mr. Menassa talked about the structure of the media outlets and the changes that have happened over the years. While Mr. Hajjar emphasis was on the quality of information to be shared as not any information is Media Information and not any information is important enough to be published.

The Round-table also addressed the fact that Youths are not interested in Radio, nor Newspaper and even less in TV (as per UNESCO latest study). Social Media is the Youth Hub nowadays; that is why it was crucial to develop websites and phone applications in order to advance at the same pace with Youth on the level of Technology.

What will the NGOs probably do after the discussion?

  1. Develop websites and phone applications

  2. Ask people to be interested to newspaper

  3. Develop the programs of the panel

  4. Publish some information

A. Acfreelance

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah A.


Soal tersebut menanyakan hal yang akan dilakukan NGO setelah diskusi.

Jawaban dari soal tersebut dapat ditemukan pada kalimat di baris akhir paragraf, yaitu "that is why it was crucial to develop websites and phone applications in order to advance at the same pace with Youth on the level of Technology."

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah A.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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