What should we do after selecting the seeds?


Questions 35 – 37 are based on the following text.

What do you have for everyday meal? Yes, we have rice for our meal. Do you know how do the farmers plant the rice? You can learn the following steps to plant rice.

The first step is selecting the seeds. Choose the seeds there are completely dry. These seeds must have been storage at least 40 to 50 days in the storage.

The second step is seedling the seeds. Prepare the seedbed by hoeing and loosening the soil in the watering sufficiently in the surface of seedling. Finally spread the seeds.

The following step is cultivating the soil. While you are doing rice seedling, you can hoe the whole soil for planting. Plow the soil and spread the fertilizer. Mix the fertilizer with the soil thoroughly to make the soil fertile. Give the water for about 3 cm above the surface of the soil to make the fertilizer settled in the soil.

The last step is moving the seeds from the seedling to the planting area, pull out the seed carefully from the seedling and the root of the seed stick some soil.

What should we do after selecting the seeds?

  1. Store them in the storage

  2. Dry them directly

  3. Seedling them

  4. Spread them

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