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    Planting mango trees is quite easy. Many people plant them in their gardens. We can grow them from seeds or by grafting. Grafted trees are best and bear fruit faster than seed-grown trees do. Now, let's plant a mango tree.

You need:

  • young mango tree
  • organic plant food
  • water
  • hoe
  • fertilizer
  • prune shears


  1. Planting
        Plant young mango trees in a sunny position in the garden, where there is enough room to develop to full size. Mango trees are heavy feeders and need full sun to grow their golden fruit. Mix organic plant food into the existing soil before planting. The organic plant food is rich in composted manures, organic fertilizers, and minerals to meet all their needs.
  2. Fertilizing
        An ideal fertilizer to grow large fruit is one with high potassium. It is boosted with minerals to encourage large fruit.
  3. Watering
        Established trees don't require watering, but young plants will need plenty of water. Water sparingly, before the onset of flowering.
  4. Harvesting
        Harvest mangoes when the color of the skin flesh turns from green to yellow, orange, or red. Its final ripened color may vary depending on variety. As the mangoes ripen, watch out for birds and bats. Paper bag each mango if practical or cover the tree with a bird friendly net.
  5. Pruning
        The tree will be healthier and look better if onee a year after fruiting you remove the dead wood. This is also the time to lightly shape the tree if required. Fruit is easier to pick, if the tree doesn't grow too tall. So if you are sufficiently energetic, get up on a step ladder and cut back the top of the tree each year to develop a low, spreading habit which is easier to manage. Do this annually from when the tree is quite young and it will develop to the shape and size you require.

(Adopted from: http://www.aboutthegarden.com.au/index.php/how-to-grow-plant-and-fertilise-mangoes/ (April 29, 2019))

What is the text about?undefined 

  1. The methods to grow mango trees.undefined 

  2. The tips to have mango trees bear fruit quickly.undefined 

  3. The steps to take care of mango trees.undefined 

  4. The ways to choose the best mango trees.undefined 

  5. The procedure to grow mango trees from seeds.undefined 

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Sehingga, dapat disimpulkan bahwa teks tersebut merupakan cara atau langkah-langkah untuk menanam pohon mangga.

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