What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?


Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C, D, or E!

This text is for questions 8 to 11.

    During dry season and rain, there will be cracks or holes in the road. These holes are called potholes. Many of them are deep. Do you know that potholes are dangerous? Although the occasional small bump while driving isn't a big deal, when your vehicle suffers a jolting fall into a deep pothole, you and your car can suffer severe consequences. Here are some risks of potholes.

    First of all, potholes can cause collision issues and accidents. When a tire plunges into a pothole, it can allow air within the tire to rapidly escape and cause your tire to literally explode from the changing air pressure. Furthermore, the force of the tire hitting the pothole can also cause structural damage to the wheel. Once the tire or wheel is damaged, maintaining control of the vehicle can be difficult, causing potential collision risks.

    Secondly, depending on the location of the pothole when it is hit, the concussive bounce of the incident can damage your exhaust system. A damaged exhaust cannot only put your life and the lives of your passengers in danger from inhalation, but it can also have cataclysmic effects on your engine.

    In addition to potential impact damage to your vehicle, the jolting force of the bump can cause internal physical injuries. Force injuries can include tissue damage, whiplash, concussions, neck and spinal cord pain, and more.

    In conclusion, potholes should not be ignored. There are some risks caused by potholes. The government and citizen can help each other to solve this matter. Therefore, there will be no accidents again caused by potholes.

What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?

  1. Potholes can damage our vehicles.

  2. Potholes can rnake bad collision.

  3. The passengers of a car can get the impacts of the potholes.

  4. Potholes can cause physical injuries of the driver.

  5. Potholes lead the bad effects on the car engine.

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jawaban yang benar adalah D.


Jawaban dari soal ini adalah C.

Soal menanyakan gagasan utama pada paragraf keempat.

Untuk menjawab pertanyaan tersebut, hal yang dilakukan adalah membaca dan memahami paragraf keempat.

Gagasan utama biasanya terletak di kalimat pertama. Pada paragraf keempat, kalimat pertamanya adalah "In addition to potential impact damage to your vehicle, the jolting force of the bump can cause internal physical injuries." yang artinya "Selain potensi kerusakan akibat benturan pada kendaraan Anda, gaya sentakan dari tonjolan dapat menyebabkan cedera fisik internal."

Dari pernyataan tersebut, dapat diketahui bahwa gagasan utama dari paragraf keempat adalah lubang di jalan yang menyebabkan cedera fisik pada pengendara atau "Potholes can cause physical injuries of the driver."

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah D.


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