What does the text tell you about?


Answer the questions based on the text!

    I have a lovely cat. Its name is Bravy.

    Bravy is Norwegian forest cat. It is a big cat with a lot of fur. It's so heavy. It is 8 kilograms. Its soft fur makes me want to cuddle it again and again. It has long tail too.

    It is a friendly cat I ever have, it can play with other animals. I really love it, it is so calm and does not get angry easily.

    It is not difficult to take care of it. It is like other cats. You only need to keep it clean and give it nutritious food and drink. It likes milk, vegetables and cereal. I never forget to play with it. It is a playful cat. Playing with Bravy make it more cheerful and I can refresh my mind after doing my assignment.

What does the text tell you about?

E. Mardiana

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Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah The text tells about Bravy, a lovely cat.


Pertanyaan di atas menanyakan tentang apa yang dibicarakan pada teks (What does the text tell you about?).

Jawaban pertanyaan di atas bisa kita temukan pada bagian text "I have a lovely cat. Its name is Bravy" yang artinya "Saya punya kucing yang cantik. Namanya Bravy".

Dari arti bagian teks tersebut diketahui bahwa teks tersebut membicarakan tentang Bravy, si kucing cantik.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang tepat adalah The text tells about Bravy, a lovely cat.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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