What does the first paragraph tell you about?


Read the text below. Answer the following questions.

     This is my pet rabbit. I named her Linlin. Linlin has soft brown fur and short ears. Yes, they are relatively short compared to other rabbits' ears. Linlin has black round eyes. She looks cute.

     Linlin loves carrots, but she also has other favourite foods. She eats spinach, celery, and bananas heartily. Linlin is a friendly rabbit. She likes to play with other animals, especially chicks. Strangely, chicks also like her. She often hops after chicks or the chicks run after her. They are really a unique combination because Linlin is quiet and the chicks cannot stop chirping. 

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What does the first paragraph tell you about?

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Paragraf pertama dari teks di atas mendeskripsikan ciri-ciri fisik Linlin, seperti bulu, mata, telinga, dan ukuran tubuh.

Therefore, the first paragraph tells about the physical characteristics of Linlin.undefined 
















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