The Bangkok Tuk Tuk ( pronounced took-took ) is probably every visitor's favourite means of transport. They have an undeniable appeal and quality to them that makes them irresistible to all that come to Bangkok or Thailand.

The Tuk Tuk is a three wheeled, motorised rickshaw and can seat, comfortably, two adults but it is common to see 6 or 7 students crammed in, all sharing the fare.

Bangkok Tuk Tuks are a great way of traveling short distances and as long as you are not expecting to do any sight seeing along the way. We say this because the canopy that covers the Tuk Tuk slants downwards towards at exactly eye level so that the passengers are losing their chances to see what is going on around unless one sits on another person's lap.


What is the first paragraph about?

  1. the reason why tourists like tuk-tuk in Bangkok

  2. quality that makes Bangkok inresistible for people

  3. the undeniable transportation that all Thai people like

  4. the visitors use tuk-tuk as a means of transportation

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Ide pokok paragraph pertama adalah tentang alasan mengapa orang menyukai Tuk Tuk seperti yang ada pada kalimat pertama paragraf pertama. Maka jawaban A adalah jawaban yang paling tepat. Jawaban B dan C hanyalah kalimat pendukung ide pokok tersebut.


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