WHAT DO ANTS LOOK LIKE?                 Ants a...


                Ants are small insects. Like all insects, ants have six legs. The smallest ants are 0,7 millimeters long. Therefore they are hard to see. The biggest ants are almost 1 inch (3 centimeters) long.

                Ant’s body seems to have a very thin waist. The narrow waist lets the ant bend when it goes around turns in underground tunnels. Make ants and young queen ants have wings. The workers of many species of ants have a stinger for fighting against enemies.

                An ant has a mouth with three parts. The most important part is jaws. The jaws can be used for carrying things, collecting food, building nests, fighting, and cutting. Ants use their lower jaws for chewing and their tongues for sucking up liquids.

                Adult ants can swallow only liquid foods, but some ants can chew solid foods by making the foods into liquid forms.

The underlined word in “Ants body seems to have a very thin waist,” is similar meaning to …

  1. big

  2. skinny

  3. slim

  4. long


Berdasarkan kalimat “Ants body seems to have a very thin waist.”, dapat diketahui bahwa semut terlihat memiliki pinggang yang sangat tipis. Kata ‘thin’ memiliki arti ‘tipis’, maka padanan kata yang memiliki arti yang mendekati dengan kata tersebut adalah (C) ‘slim’ atau ‘ramping’. Pilihan jawaban (A) ‘big’ atau ‘besar’, (B) ‘skinny’ atau ‘kurus’, dan (D) ‘long’ atau ‘panjang’, bukanlah pilihan jawaban yang tepat.




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