Volcanic eruptions are more than just java flows. Many event happen including earthquakes, was expelling, rocks being forced out and ask shooting up into the aim. Did you know there is also something called a dirty thunderstorms associated with volcanoes? A dirty thunderstorms is described as the electrical discharges of lightning that occurs during a volcanic eruption This exceptional type of lightning is a unique type of electrical discharge that comes from volcanic plumes. It can be as short as 3 feet (1 metres) and last very briefly. Experts believe the lightning is sparkled off by infinite amounts of small fragments of ice that ban into one another inside the turbulent thundercloud. Each time the ice fragments collided with each other, they generated static electricity that eventually grows large enough to create a massive spark which is then emitted as the lightning. 0 9 Particles colliding into one another are what create the lightning. Rock and ask are also a part of the ingredients that make up the recipe for a dirty thunderstorms. Dirty thunderstorms, while fascinating to watch, are very dangerous. Adoptep from: htt://wws.infobarrel.come/What_is_a_Dirty Thunderstorms (10th December 2018) What is the text about?

  1. Lightnings.

  2. Earthquakes.

  3. Gas expelling.

  4. Volcanic eruptions.

  5. Dirty thunderstorms.


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Jawaban          : E. Dirty thunderstorms

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Berdasarkan teks bacaan di atas pada paragraf pertama diketahui bahwa teks tersebut menjelaskan tentang sebuah fenomena alam bernama “dirty thunderstorm” dimana hal tersebut disebutkan dalam kalimat “A dirty thunderstorm is described as the electrical discharges of lightning that occur during a volcanic eruption


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