The Monkey and The Crab Long ago, at the foot of ...

The Monkey and The Crab

Long ago, at the foot of a mountain, lived a crab. On a warm spring day, the crab walked leisurely along a nearby river. Suddenly a big rice ball dropped in front of her. “Oh my God! What a good thing I found”, She said to herself.

Then a greedy monkey came. He wanted to have a rice ball, so he said “ Hey, let’s trade the rice ball with my fruit seed. This seed is better then that rice ball. When you eat the rice ball, it disappears, but if you put this seed the ground, it will grow and produce a lot of fruits.” The crab agreed to exchange the rice ball. The she took the seed home and planted it.

Soon the seed grew into a small bud and became a big tree. It made a lot of red fruits. The crab wanted to eat the fruits, but she could not climb the tree. Then the monkey came again, climbing the tree and eating the fruits. The crab begged the monkey to pick some for her and her kind Yet, the selfish monkey took a hard green fruit and threw it to the crab. She was smashed very hard.

The crab kids started to cry and their noise attracted other animals. They soon found out what happened. The kind of the animals decided to give the monkey a punishment.


Why did the crab beg the monkey for some fruits?

  1. She was greedy

  2. She couldn't climb the tree

  3. The monkey was a kind animal

  4. The monkey had not eaten lots of fruits


Berdasarkan kalimat “The crab wanted to eat the fruit, but she could not climb the tree.”, dapat diketahui bahwa kepiting ingin memakan buah tetapi ia tidak bias memanjat pohon, sehingga pilihan jawaban yang tepat adalah (B) ‘She couldn’t climb the tree’ atau ‘Ia tidak bisa memanjat pohon’




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