Dear sally,

Last holiday, my friends and I visited Ponorogo in East Java. Ponorogo is a small city, but it is very natural and beautiful. We spent the night at a villa in Jetis. On the first day, we visited Prigi southern beach. We watched the amazing views of the sea and the white waves. We grilled fish and had "Nasi Pecel" for lunch. On the second day, we visited "Dongko" mountain resort. There was a lot of plants, especially clove trees. We camped there for a night. I love Ponorogo because the people are very friendly and the prices are cheap.

I'll bring som pictures for you.



The following sentences are the reason why the writer loves Ponorogo, Except ...

  1. the views of the sea are amazing

  2. the people are friendly

  3. the prices are cheap

  4. Ponorogo has beautiful views

  5. the villa is comfortable

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jawaban yang tepat adalah pilihan E.


Yang tidak termasuk ke dalam alasan penulis menyukai kota Ponorogo yaitu "the villa is comfortable". Penulis tidak menyebutkan di dalam teks bahwa villa yang ia tinggali terasa nyaman.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang tepat adalah pilihan E.


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