I have got an unforgettable experience last lebara...

I have got an unforgettable experience last lebaran day. My family and I went to my mother's hometown to celebrate "Idul fitri". We went by aeroplane. At the airport, my family and I had to walk through the metal detector. When I got the turn to walk through it, suddenly the alarm beeped. The woman who worked as the airport security said, "Come here, you need to get your belt off." I took my belt off, but the alarm still beeped. The security asked me to take my wallet from my pocket. I did what she ordered. Still, the alarm beeped.

After that the security asked me to turn back and she checked my body. She touched my left pocket. Then she told me, "There was something in it. It might be the thing that made the alarm beeped." I took out something from the left pocket. The woman laugh and said "That has made the alarm beep". It was a silver pen. I felt embarassed because everybody stared at me with curiosity.


From the text, we can conclude that ....

  1. the security guard was a fussy woman

  2. you are not allowed to wear belts at the airport

  3. the alarm beeped because there was a metallic object

  4. the writer's appearance attracted everybody's attention


Dari teks di atas, kita dapat menyimpulkan bahwa penampilan penulis menarikperhatian semua orang. Hal ini ada pada kalimat terakhir, I felt embarrassed because everybody stared at me with curiosity. Maka jawaban D adalah jawaban yang tepat.




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