The depletion of fossil fuels such as coil, oil an...

The depletion of fossil fuels such as coil, oil and gas leads to seek for some alternate power sources, and nuclear power is the only power source that meet the electricity demands in the future. However, nuclear power has some advantages and disadvantages. Of the advantages, nuclear is efficient. One kg of fuel uranium gives energy equivalent 3,000 tonnes of high grade coal. Next, nuclear power plants require a little space compared to thermal power plant for the same MW output. Also, nuclear fuel is available in plenty amount all over the world. Therefore, fuel supply to plants will be continuing for hundreds of years. But, some disadvantages of nuclear plants are also obvious. In nuclear plants safety is primary concern rather producing electricity. There is significant risk of leakage of radiation in case of any accident. The fission by products released are generally radio-active and pollute the land, water, atmosphere and other natural resources. It requires large water Mass for cooling purposes. Therefore, the plant should be near to a sea or river with the risk of contaminated water. Finally, It requires large area around the plant to be isolated from living almost 5 cm in radius.


Nuclear radiation can be a threat to the environment by way of …

  1. leaking it in an accident

  2. emitting greenhouse gases

  3. using water to cool in nuclear reaction

  4. needing more uranium from the nature

  5. requiring areas large enough to build the plant


Berdasarkan kalimat “There is significant risk of leakage of radiation in case of any accident” yang terdapat pada kalimat ke-10, dapat diketahui bahwa risiko kebocoran nuklir dapat terjadi dalam sebuah kecelakaan sehingga pilihan jawaban (A) adalah yang paling tepat.




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