September 21, 2012   Personal Manager Kettle, K...

September 21, 2012


Personal Manager

Kettle, Kettle 7 Co


Singapore 3333330


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing regarding your advertisement in Times on September 13, 2012. I havegiven careful consideration to the job descriotion and believe that I have the necessary qualification and personal attrubuters to take up the poition.

Although I lack practical experience in the field of advertising, my past work experience have shown that I’m able to learn quickly from experienced staff. In my previous job as a teacher, it was necessary to understand the difficulties of students and at the same time, to motivate them to strive for the best in their academic works.

I have enclosed my resume for your consideration with copies of my certificates and qualification.

I would relish the opportunity to work as part of an enthusiastic office staff. I look forward to the opportunity for an interview.

Yours sincerely,

Low Chin


From the text, we know taht the applicant ....

  1. Established an advertising company

  2. Understood all advertising sectors

  3. Wanted to teach advertising class

  4. Considered all student’s works

  5. Thought she could learn fast


Berdasarkan kalimat “ past work experiences have shown that I’m able to learn quickly from experienced staff” yang terdapat pada kalimat pertama di paragraf ke-2 bodi surat, dapat diketahui bahwa pengalamannya membuatnya dapat belajar dengan cepat dari staf yang sudah berpengalaman sehingga pilihan jawaban (E) adalah yang paling tepat.




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