Read and practice the following dialogue and answe...

Read and practice the following dialogue and answer the question!

Dion: I want to refresh my mind after the exam.

Clara: That's a good plan. We need to spare our time to refresh our mind and body after the busy days.

Dion: But I haven't decided where I should go.

Clara: If you just want to get some fresh air, go just about anywhere you won't see cars.

Dion: You're right. I want to visit a place with fresh air and a scenic view.

Clara: If you want to enjoy a scenic view, hike exposed ridgelines and check out the summits of hills and mountains.

Dion: Wow, you know much about hiking. When the holidays come, I want to hike.

Clara: Right. Hiking is the best solution for refreshing. However, if you really want to hike, you should check the weather forecast and bring the right clothes and equipment. By the way, with whom will you hike?

Dion: Andy, Rico, and Satria have told about hiking before the exam. I think I will go hiking with them.

Clara: Lots of people enjoy hiking but often lack the motivation to do it. If you organize a weekend day-hike, you shouldn't have trouble attracting friends to join you.

Dion: You're right. I will ask them again when I meet them. Will you come along?  

Clara: I'm sorry. I think I have another plan with my family.

Dion: If you change your mind, call me.

Clara: Okay.

Dion: By the way, thanks for your suggestion.

Clara: You're welcome.

What does Dion ask Clara to do if she changes her plan?  

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Soal di atas menanyakan apa yang Dion minta Clara lakukan apabila dia merubah rencananya (What does Dion ask Clara to do if she changes her plan?).  Dari dialog, Dion meminta Clara untuk meneleponnya apabila Clara merubah rencananya (If you change your mind, call me). Maksud dari frasa your mind dalam kalimat tersebut adalah rencana Clara dengan keluarganya. 

Kalimat instruksi atau perintah yang diberikan Dion dalam dialog di atas adalah dengan menggunakan If Conditional as imperative yang mempunyai pola IF + SIMPLE PRESENT, IMPERATIVE (INFINITIVE + OBJECT) atau If + you change your mind (simple present), call (infinitive) + me (Object). Sehingga, dapat disimpulkan call me atau meneleponku adalah permintaan Dion kepada Clara untuk lakukan apabila dia merubah rencananya.

Dengan demikian, jawaban yang benar adalah Dion asks Clara to call him.undefined  




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