Over this decade, employment in jobs requiring edu...

             Over this decade, employment in jobs requiring education beyond a high school diploma will grow more rapidly than employment in jobs that do not; of the 30 fastest growing occupations, more than half require post-secondary education. With the average earnings of college graduates at a level that is twice as high as that of  workers with only a high school diploma, higher education is now the clearest (31)…into the middle class.

            In higher education, the U.S has been outpaced internationally. While the United States ranks ninth in the world in the proportion of young adults enrolled in college, we have fallen to 16th in the world in our share of certificates and degrees awarded to adults age 25 – 34 -–lagging behind Korea, Canada, Japan and other nations. While more than half of college students graduate within six year, the (32)…for low-income students is around 25 percent. 

            Acknowledging these factors early in his administration, President Obama challenged every American to commit to at least one years of higher education or post-secondary training. (33)…that America would once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020.

The option that the best completes 33 is....

  1. Americans will deserve higher education for their future

  2. middle class Americans are invited to provide financial aids

  3. American students are suggested to take enterpreneurial skills

  4. the government recommends Americans for college education

  5. the President has set up a new educational goal for the country


Pernyataan pada akhir teks tersebut “… that America would once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020” merupakan sebuah keterangan tujuan yang artinya “… bahwa Amerika akan sekali lagi menjadi negara dengan lulusan perguruan tinggi yang tertinggi proporsinya di dunia pada 2020”, maka seharusnya diawali dengan sebuah kalimat pernyataan yang mengacu (berhubungan) dengan kalimat tujuan ini, dan yang paling tepat adalah jawaban E yang memiliki arti “Presiden telah menetapkan target pendidikan baru untuk negara”.




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