Ojek “motorcycle taxi” began appearing in Jakarta ...

                Ojek “motorcycle taxi” began appearing in Jakarta after becak was banned in 1994. Ojek service began as a people’s initiative to provide an alternative transportation for people who used becak from main roads into housing complexes.

                There is no government license or control for ojek. By the law, all motorcycle passengers should wear helmet so ojek drivers should have a spare for their passengers to wear. Ojek tends to congregate at t-junctions on main roads and near smaller roads that are not serviced by bus routes.

                Ladies should have a careful position in taking ojek. Also, if the women wear a dress, they have to sit sidewise on the back of the vehicle. You have to bargain before you get on and ask a local people about the usual price.


What is mainly discussed in the text?

  1. Housing complexes.

  2. Motorcycle taxi.

  3. Alternative transportation.

  4. People's initiative.


Teks bacaan di atas adalah tentang motorcycle taxi atau taksi motor seperti yang ada di kalimat pertama paragraf pertama. Maka jawaban B adalah jawaban yang tepat.




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