O. Comprehension questions. Answer the following questions. Where is Sangalaki Island Located?


Sangalaki Island

    Sangalaki Island, a tiny island east of Kalimantan, has attracted numerous international tourists. It is world-renowned for its exotic marine life. Stunning white-sand beaches and a wonderful underwater world make the island an obvious choice for holidays.

    The island is actually remote and inhabited but it offers a magnificent marine experience. The island is encircled by a wide lagoon and shallow reefs. Everything seems so perfect, but natural. The air is so fresh and the water is so crystal-clear that bright and sharp-colored corals underwater can be seen easily. Various kinds of fish are everywhere. The sand is like white powder that makes the water clean. Some people say it is a paradise or "The Garden of Eden:· To reach the island, you may take a speedboat from Tanjung Redeb, the capital of Berau Regency.

    Sangalaki Island is home to hundreds of varieties of fish and coral, including stingless jellyfish, cuttlefish, batfish, barracuda, triggerfish, manta ray, sea turtles, and a variety of groupers. The majestic sea creatures can be observed by diving underwater. There are six top diving points, namely the coral garden (in the south), the light house (in the east), the manta parade (in the north), the cleaning station ( in the far north), the manta run (in the west), and the sandy ridge (in the south-west).

    The island is especially well-known as the habitat of manta rays and giant green turtles. The manta ray is a tropical fish that has massive wings and a long tail. It is a strong creature, which has a poisonous sting in its tail. The,rsh usually swim near the surface and somersaults its wings, causing a loud sound. Snort<etlng or free diving are the best ways to view this creature. Underwater, manta rays will often come over and greet you. Giant green turtles are endangered creatures. At night, you will see how they lay their egg. If you are lucky, you will find hatching eggs ana observe how the small turtles rush to the sea. The Sangalaki Island must be on the) ist for marine enthusiasts.

O. Comprehension questions. Answer the following questions.

Where is Sangalaki Island Located?

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jawaban yang tepat adalah East of Kalimantan.


Soal menanyakan lokasi dari pulau Sangalaki.

Jawaban soal ini dapat ditemukan pada teks di paragraf pertama, "Sangalaki Island, a tiny island east of Kalimantan" yang berarti "Pulau Sangalaki, sebuah pulau kecil di timur Kalimantan."

Maka dapat disimpukan bahwa pulau Sangalaki berlokasi di timur Kalimantan.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah East of Kalimantan.


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