My sister really wanted to go to the beach after having her final semester test. So as soon as the test finished. I took her to Maron Beach in Semarang.

Early in the morning, we prepared everything. Since we wanted to have a picnic, we brought some food and drink and we brought swimming suits and beach ball, too. When everything was ready, we went to the beach by motorcycle. It took about 25 minutes to get there.

Arriving at the beach, we bought tickets and went into the beach through the entrance gate. There were a lot of people at the beach. We changed our clothes and joined some people playing in the water. We screamed whenever the wave hit our body. It was really exciting. After that, we had a picnic lunch while enjoying the wide sea in front of us. In the middle of the day, it was getting hot. We decided to take a rest under a coconut tree, enjoying the beach scenery.

In the afternoon, we played beach volleyball with other visitors. When it was getting dark, we decided to go home.

It was really a wonderful day. We spent all day long at the beach. We felt tired but happy.


What did the writer and her cousin do after preparing everything for picnic?

  1. Enjoyed the wave of the sea at the beach

  2. Met people at the beach

  3. Prepared some food and drink

  4. Went to the beach by motorcycle

N. Supriyaningsih

Master Teacher

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Yang dilakukan penulis dengan kakaknya setelah mempersiapkan segalanya untuk piknik adalah pergi ke pantai dengan naik sepeda motor seperti yang ada pada kalimat ketiga paragraf kedua, When everthing was ready, we went to the beach by motorcycle. Maka jawaban D adalah jawaban yang tepat.


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