Last Sunday, I was gardening with my father. It was half past six in the morning. The air was really fresh. My dad called me from the yard. He said something about 'banana'. I walked to where he stood looking at one of my banana trees. I saw some of them are already yellow. What a great view!

Next, we were busy to harvest the bananas. It was my first time to do this. We just moved to this new house for about six months. Here, we have some yard besides the house with banana and guava trees.

After that I watered the vertical garden and pulled off the wild grass. I also collected the old leaves and realized that the yard looked nicer and cleaner after that.

Finally, I picked 2 ripe guavas. Hmm, they smelt nice. I took a shower and had breakfast with my parents right after that. It was a fine Sunday morning. I felt a stronger bond by doing the gardening together with my father.


What did the yard look nicer and cleaner?

  1. It was full of beautiful flowers

  2. They had cut off all the banana trees

  3. The writer had watered the banana trees

  4. He collected old leaves and pulled off the wild grass

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