My family of three went to see an early screening of the new Disney movie, "Brave" yesterday, so I thought I would write a quick "mommy" review of the movie.

Disney definitely breaks the standard "Disney Princess" mold with this movie as Princess Merida is a fun, outgoing and wild girl that for once is not in search for the love of a prince. The characters in the movie are entertaining and I loved the way that the Scottish culture comes out in the movie, I found myself wishing for more music though, which is one of the things that I truly love about part Disney movies. I would compare this movie more with "Shrek" than a movie like "Tangled".

As to the age of the kids that would like this movie I would have to say maybe 5 years old and up. The movie is not quite engaging enough for very young viewers, which was a little disappointing for our three years old. There were parts of the movie that our daughter enjoyed, but it is engaging enough for younger viewers in the audience and made them cry, so be forewarned of this if you are bringing children under the age of five year old.

I've always been a big fan of Disney movies so on a 5 star scale I would rate this 4-star movie. It's definitely not a favourite, but I gave it four stars for the relationship that build between Merida and her mother. I think this offers a great lesson to appreciate your family and truly listen to each others needs and concerns.


What does the reviewer think of the movie?

  1. It is definitely not her favourite.

  2. It has a good music composition.

  3. It is the same as the other Disney movies.

  4. It does not have any lesson for the children.

  5. It gives a bad impression of a mom and a daughter.

Y. Yuli.Widya

Master Teacher

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Berdasarkan kalimat “It’s definitely not a favourite, but..” yang terdapat pada kalimat ke-2 di paragraf ke-4, dapat diketahui bahwa film tersebut tidaklah menjadi film disney si penulis sehingga pilihan jawaban (A) adalah yang paling tepat.


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