Complete these sentences with information you get from the previous review in pairs.   The director of the film is ____.


A Review on Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck

  • Orientation tells the background information of the movie: 

    Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck Social Function: (The Sinking of the Van der Wijck) To critique artworks is a 2013 Indonesian romantic (films, novels, songs, drama film directed by Sunil Soraya TV shows or movies) and written by Imam Tantowi and for a public audience Dhony Dirgantoro. The film casts Pevita Pearce, Herjunot Ali and Reza Rahadian as the main leads. The movie is based on Hamka's novel, Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck (1939), and it was released at theaters on 19 December 2013. The film takes the theme of love and culturalr conflict in 1930s.

Social function: To critique artworks (films, novels, songs, TV shows or movies) for a public audience.

  • Interpretative recount tells the plot/ synopsis/summary of the story:

    The story begins when Zainuddin (Herjunot Ali), a young man of Minang descent who has lived and grown up in Makassar, goes to Batipuh, Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, to visit his father's birthplace and deepen his spirituality. Zainuddin's arrival is not welcomed by the 4. villagers due to his family background. Zainuddin's father who came from Minang married his mother who came from Bugis, Makassar. Minang people still held to the maternal lineage firmly. However, Zainuddin determinedly decides to stay in Batipuh and he is more determined after meeting .. a beautiful girl named Hayati (Pevita Pearce). This triggers violent obstacles from the villagers and Zainuddin is forced to leave Batipuh. Before leaving, Zainuddin and Hayati promise to love each other and Hayati promises to wait for Zainudin.

    The problem becomes worse when Hayati is proposed to by a wealthy man of pure Minang descent, Aziz (Reza Rahadian). Forced by her family, Hayati accepts the proposal, breaking her promise to Zainuddin. Feeling broken-hearted, Zainuddin leaves Minang and ventures to Java Island. With his talent as a writer, Zainuddin gains fame as well as fortune. Meanwhile, destiny makes Zainudin and Hayati meet once again. At a book-launching, Zainuddin meets Hayati as Aziz's wife.

    This time, the wheel of fortune turns around. Aziz loses his money and properties due to gambling. Aziz and Hayati come to Zainuddin's big house to borrow some money and ask for a temporary shelter. Zainudin grants the request. Feeling ashamed, Aziz commits suicide and gives up on Hayati. Although Zainudin loves Hayati, he rejects her because Hayati had broken their promise. Zainudin sends her back to Padang on a royal ship, the Vtm der Wijck. Unfortunately, on the way to Padang, the ship sinks together with Hayati, leaving Zainuddin with the pain of Hayati's death. Zainudin continues living in deep remorse.

Language elements: 

  1. The simple present tense
  2. Compound sentences
  3. Complex sentences
  4. compound complex sentences
  • Evaluation states the judgment, opinions about the director,performances of the main actors, the plot, the theme, the dialogues and comparison with another similar artworks. It may consist of more than one paragraph.

Unlike the novel, the screen of Tenggelamnya Kapal Vtm der fails to dig deeper on the morals. The film merely expresses a universal lesson. It's a story of a man who to achieve success from his failure and sorrow. In the novel, Buya Hamka criticised a lot about the Minang customs and tradition. The film lacks of criticism about Minang old customs and tradition.
    Despite the shallowness Minang customs in the movie, Herjunot Ali succeeded in play  role of Zainudin. His performance as charming as that in Di Bawah Lindungan Ka'bah, a similar theme film by the same author.

  • Evaluative summation states final opinions about, recommendation and appraisal or punch line of the movie

Overall, Tenggelamnya Kapaz l Van summation der Wijck is an excellent Indonesian film.The movie portrays the scenic panorama of Minang Land. The sweet original soundtrack from Nidji, such as "Nelangsa" and "Terusir", make the film unforgettable. This is a worthwhile film to see.

Recommendation to see the film Appraisal for the film.

Complete these sentences with information you get from the previous review in pairs.

The director of the film is ____.

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jawaban yang tepat adalah Sunil Soraya.


Soal ini menanyakan siapa sutradara film tersebut.

Jawabannya dapat diketahui pada poin pertama dalam kalimat "... (films, novels, songs, drama film directed by Sunil Soraya ...)" yang artinya " ... ( film, novel, lagu, film disutradarai oleh Sunil Soraya ...)".

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah Sunil Soraya.


4.8 (6 rating)

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