It (paragraph 3, sentence 10) refers to ____


My Grandpa’s Funeral in Toraja

    Last month my family and I went to Toraja to attend Grandpa’s funeral. It was my  first time to go to such a ceremony. We gathered there with our kin in the ceremony.

    Overall, the ceremony was quite elaborate. It took about a week. Several days before the ceremony was done, grandpa’s body was kept in a series of houses arranged in a circular row around an open field called tongkonan. His corpse was dressed in a  fine wearing.

    The funeral was performed in two phases. First, we slaughtered the pigs and buffaloes, and then moved the corpse to face north. In this ceremony we wore black clothes. After that, the corpse was placed in a sandal wood coffin. Then, it was brought out of the house and placed on an open platform beneath the granary. Meanwhile, my uncle, my brother, and I prepared the wooden puppet and a funeral tower called lakian. The next phase of the ceremony was held in this place. The coffin is borne from the house and placed in the lakian. During the day, there were also buffalo matches. They were great matches. In the night, we were feasting, chanting, and dancing.

On the last day, the grandpa’s coffin were lowered from the funeral tower and brought up to the mountain side family graveyard. It was followed by great shouting and excitement from the relatives and the guests. Finally, we installed the wooden puppet on a high balcony where other puppets representing the members of a whole family were already there.

The funeral ceremonies made my family and me tired. However, we were grateful because it ran smoothly.

It (paragraph 3, sentence 10) refers to ____

D. Putri

Master Teacher

Mahasiswa/Alumni Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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jawaban yang tepat adalah "grandpa's coffin".space space


Tugas kita pada soal ini adalah menemukan pada siapa kata "It" pada paragraf 3 kalimat kesepuluh merujuk. Terdapat sedikit kesalahan bahwa kata "it" selanjutnya terletak di paragraf 4 kalimat kedua.

Cara untuk mengetahui dimana sebuah kata itu merujuk, kita melihat subjek apa yang ditulis pada kalimat sebelumnya. Jika kita runut, pada kalimat sebelumnya berbunyi "On the last day, the grandpa’s coffin were lowered from the funeral tower and brought up to the mountain side family graveyard." Pada kalimat tersebut yang menjadi subjek adalah "grandpa's coffin" jadi dapat diketahui bahwa "it" pada paragraf keempat kalimat kedua merujuk pada "grandpa's coffin".

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah "grandpa's coffin".space space


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It (paragraph 3, sentence 5) refers to ____



Jawaban terverifikasi


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