I have a Hamster named Scruffy. I got him from a p...

I have a Hamster named Scruffy. I got him from a pet shop in the mall. I named him Scruffy because he always scratched his cage.

Since the first time I got Scruffy, I have fallen in love with him. He is a nice hamster. I put a wheel on his cage. He loves to exercise with it. He often sleeps all day and runs on his wheel all night. That is the one I don’t like. It makes me feel lonely when he sleeps all the time. But I can’t do anything because I know that hamsters are nocturnal.

I spend my spare time with Scruffy. I talk about anything to him. I feel that he could understand me.

One day, I got confused because I lost my bicycle key. I tried to find it everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. I got tired and sat on my bed. I talked to Scruffy. Suddenly he jumped back and forth many times. When I opened his cage he ran quickly under my bed and he came up bringing my bicycle key. I was very surprised. This made me feel sure that Scruffy understood my words.


The text mainly tells us about ...

  1. an interesting moment with a pet hamster

  2. an experience to take care of a pet

  3. an interesting with a pet hamster

  4. the tips to raise a hamster


Dalam teks tersebut, tokoh "I" menceritakan salah satu hal menarik yang pernah ia alami bersama peliharaannya, seekor hamster. Hal tersebut tergambar dalam paragraf 4 teks tersebut. Maka jawaban A adalah jawaban yang tepat.




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