How do you know which text describes a past experience?


Text 1

    The Prince said that the Princess, who used to enjoy riding horses with him, followed him as he started to ride. He told her to go back to the palace and rode away. Meanwhile, the Queen thought that the Princess had gone with the Prince; the Prince believed that the Princess had stayed behind. It was hours later, when the Prince returned, that they realized the Princess had vanished.

Text 2

    My first valentine experience was unforgettable. I was given a homemade card with a poem inside. “Roses are red, violets are blue. When I grow up, I want to marry you.” I was seven and had a crush on a handsome boy in my class. I thought it must have been from him and excitedly checked his hand writing. I discovered instead that it was from a boy whose nickname was ”Smelly.” I was terribly disappointed.

How do you know which text describes a past experience?

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Soal tersebut menanyakan "Bagaimana kamu mengetahui teks mana yang menggambarkan tentang pengalaman masa lalu?". Untuk menjawab soal tersebut, harus mengenali jenis teks apa yang bercerita tentang pengalaman.

Suatu jenis teks yang menggambarkan suatu kejadian, peristiwa atau pengalaman masa lalu disebut dengan Recount Text, recount text tersebut memiliki karakteristik yaitu; menggunakan Past Tense, memakai action verbs dan fokus pada objek tertentu.

Teks 2 menceritakan tentang pengalaman seseorang di masa lalu dengan ditandai kata I, You, My first valentine. Kata-kata tersebut menandakan bahwa seseorang tersebut telah mengalami kejadian tersebut.

Jadi jawaban yang tepat untuk soal tersebut adalah "The story is written in the first person point of view and uses Past Tense."



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Which one describes a past experience?



Jawaban terverifikasi


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