FILM INTACT Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Writ...

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Andres M. Koppel
Max von Sydow, Eusebio Porcela, Leonardo


2002 Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
Frederico and Sam are two lucky men, Frederico survived an earthquake and has power
wrench fortune from those around him: he has the gift, Sam is a survivor of the Jewish
holocaust and manages a casino in the middle of a lava desert. One day, Frederico
challenges Sam who expels him from paradise, taking his gift from him.


Years later, Frederico thinks that he has found in Tomas, the only survivor of an air
accident, the instrument of his vengeance. By teaching him to control fortune, he can use
him to return to the casino and challenge the God of fortune. Together they begin
journey of Initiation, a succession of ever more strange and difficult tests in which the
highest bet is the luck of others; luck, which in this game is captured in a simple
photograph. Everything goes well until Sara, a policewoman who survives a car accident
which kills her family, becomes obsessed with discovering what is behind these
clandestine games in which death and luck become enmeshed. In which only one can
remain intact. This film is really worth watching.


”Frederico survived an earthquake and has the power to wrench fortune …” (Paragraph 1). The underlined word is closest in meaning to ...

  1. hope

  2. wealth

  3. luck

  4. dream

  5. image


Berdasarkan konteks kalimat 'Frederico survived an earthquake and has power wrench fortune ....' , dapat diketahui bahwa kata ‘fortune’ dapat bermakna ‘keberuntungan’ sehingga pilihan jawaban (C) adalah yang paling tepat. Pilihan jawaban (A) salah karena artinya ‘harapan’, (B) salah karena artinya ‘kekayaan’, (D) salah karena artinya ‘impian’, dan (E) salah karena artinya ‘gambar’.




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