Determine when to defrost your food in the refrige...

  1. Determine when to defrost your food in the refrigerator. Most items will usually defrost within up 24 hours; however, large items such as frozen turkeys and chickens may take several days to defrost.
  2. Verify that the temperature of your refrigerator is set to 4.4 degrees Celsius. Your food will take longer to defrost if the temperature of your refrigerator is several degrees lower.
  3. Place your frozen food on a plate or dish to prevent leaks. Any juice that drips from your defrosted food may contaminate other foods in your refrigerator.
  4. Prepare your food shortly after it has been defrosted. Some food must u prepared and eaten immediately to prevent bacteria growth; however, you may freeze the food, as long as it is placed in the freezer within the time frame in which you should have eaten it.

"Place you frozen food..." (step 3)

The word frozen is closest in meaning to the word ...

  1. instant

  2. dried

  3. fresh

  4. iced


Kata frozen mempunai makna yang sama dengan iced (yang dieskan). Jawaban A salah karena artinya adalah “instant atau langsung”. Jawaban B salah karena artinya adalah “yang dikeringkan” dan jawaban C salah karena artinya adalah “segar”.





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