Complete the following text with the correct answe...

Complete the following text with the correct answer in the box.

My Brother's Favorite Slingshot

    My brother has a lot of (1) ____, but there is a kind of traditional toy that he (2) ____ most. It is a slingshot. Some people call it a (3) ____ or katty.

    A slingshot is a (4) ____ wooden stick "Y", very strong and (5) ____ like a dogwood which easily shoots in two. On each end of the fork is (6) ____ by a thick and elastic part, and on the other edge of the part is fastened by an oval cut of rubber. It is used to (7) ____ something using little stone as the bullet.

    My brother usually (8) ____ his slingshot to hit birds' nests. However, sometimes he (9) ____ it, even the windows of (10) ____ person are broken.


Di soal sebelumnya, kata "toys", "likes", "catapult", "fork", "durable", "fastened", "shoot", "uses", dan "misses" sudah digunakan untuk mengisi bagian rumpang (1) sampai (9).

Kata yang tepat melengkapi bagian rumpang (10) adalah "unfortunate" sehingga kalimatnya menjadi "However, sometimes he misses it, even the windows of unfortunate person are broken" yang berarti "Namun, terkadang ia melewatkannya, bahkan jendela orang yang malang pun pecah".

Jadi, jawaban bagian rumpang (10) adalah "unfortunate".




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