Compare the two texts you have read and complete this table!


Read the following text carefully!

The Importance of Recycling

    Recycling is a process where waste or used products are reproduced into new products. There is a lot of waste around us. Do you know that recycling can help preserve the environment? In my opinion, recycling is very important for our life and environment. There are some reasons why recycling is important.

    Firstly, recycling can save our earth. Recycling a material can help preserve the environment. For example, recycling the paper can result in paper production without additional tree falling. By recycling more paper and selling it to consumer, more papers can be used without further damaging the forest than its current rate of tree falling.

    Secondly, recycling can save energy. Recycling a material takes less energy than to produce an item from virgin materials. For example, an aluminum product uses both the aluminum and the huge amount of energy to produce it from raw ore. Thus by recycling an item made of aluminum, we can reuse the metal again and also save on the huge energy which helps preserve the environment.

    Thirdly, recycling helps mitigate global warming and reduce pollution. One of the biggest benefits of recycling is saving energy. Energy saving results in less emission of carbon or greenhouse gases which are a by-product created by energy production which are detrimental and harmful to the· environment if released to the atmosphere.

    Fourthly, recycling can reduce waste products in landfills. Waste which are not recycled usually ends up in the landfill. It is here that the waste are left to rot or decomposed and this may take many years of even generations to fully decompose. More and more waste are being sent to the landfills, and if recycling does not take place, the landfill may be right behind our homes in the future.

    Lastly, recycling can save our money. Recycled products usually cost less. Using existing material and a lot less energy, recycled product can be sold for a fraction of the same item created using virgin materials. Apart from that, selling waste for recycling purposes converts garbage into useful cash.

    From the reasons above, there are some benefits of recycling. Therefore, recycling is very important for our life and environment because of those reasons.

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Studying a Foreign Language

    I believe that all students in all countries should study a foreign language. First, knowing another language can help you in your life. If you speak more than one language, you have a better chance for a good job. Many businesses today deal with companies in other countries, and they need workers who can speak another language. Also, your life can be more interesting and exciting when you can talk to people from other countries, read their books, watch their movies, and sing their songs. Second, when you study another language, you learn about the world and its cultures. A language is not separate from the people who speak it. When you learn a language, you learn more than words. You also learn how other people think and live. In our small world today, it is very important for world peace that we understand each other. Finally, when you study a different language, you learn about yourself. Learning another language gives you the chance to look at your own language and culture through someone else's eyes. For example, English uses only one word for you. When an American studies Spanish and learns that Spanish has two words for you, the American may ask, "Why does English have only one word for you?" The American is learning about his or her own culture. For all these reasons, I think that the world would be a better place if all students everywhere studied a foreign language.

Taken from: Writer's at Work: The Paragraph Student's Book

Compare the two texts you have read and complete this table!

N. Puspita

Master Teacher

Jawaban terverifikasi


jawaban yang tepat adalah:


Jawaban dari soal ini adalah:

  • "Number of evidence (arguments) of The Importance of Recycling: 5."
  • "Number of evidence (arguments) of Studying a Foreign Language: 3."

Soal ini meminta untuk membandingkan jumlah argumen yang terdapat pada dua teks yang berbeda.

Dua teks tersebut merupakan analytical exposition.

Struktur dari analytical exposition text, yaitu:

  1. Thesis, yang berisi topik utama yang disampaikan penulis.
  2. Arguments, yang berisi pendapat untuk mendukung topik utama.
  3. Reiteration/conclusion, yang berisi penegasan kembali pendapat penulis terhadap topik utama.

Argumen pada analytical exposition text adalah pernyataan-pernyataan yang terdiri dari bukti dan penjelasan untuk mendukung thesis.

Pada teks pertama, The Importance of Recycling, argumen terdapat pada paragraf 2 sampai 6, yaitu: 

  1. Recycling can save our earth
  2. Recycling can save energy
  3. Recycling helps mitigate global warming and reduce pollution
  4. Recycling can reduce waste products
  5. Recycling can save our money

Sedangkan argumen yang ada pada teks kedua, Studying a Foreign Language, yaitu:

  1. Knowing another language can help your life
  2. Having a better chance for a good job, interesting and exciting life
  3. Learning another language make you learn about yourself

Sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa terdapat 5 argumen pada teks pertama dan 3 argumen pada teks kedua.


Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah:

  • "Number of evidence (arguments) of The Importance of Recycling: 5."
  • "Number of evidence (arguments) of Studying a Foreign Language: 3."


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Compare the two texts you have read and complete this table!



Jawaban terverifikasi


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