Brain cancer might be categorized as the worst and the deadliest disease. Approximately 17.000 people in the United States are diagnozed with primary cancer each year and nearly 13.000 die of the disease.

The brain is made up of individual cells. These cells are the smallest units which compose the brain. A brain cancer can arise from any of the cells, which make up the brain. Brain cancer starts in just one cell. As the cell makes more and more copies of itself, it grows to form a tumor. A malignant tumor has a capacity to spread, and is then called "brain cancer"

"Primary brain cancer" starts within the bruin, and is the main subject of the transcript. In contrast, "secondary brain cancer " starts in some other organs (like lung or breast) and then spread to the brain. This is called "brain metafisis"

There are several things that have been found to increase the risk of developing brain cancer. Having rare family disease (such as neurofibromatosis, Von Hippel Lindau), exposure to radiation, and exposure to certain chemicals (like pvc) have been connected to developing brain cancer. The risk is greater if the person is exposed to at a young age to a higher dose.

Secondary brain cancer happens when ...

  1. it copies itself to tumor

  2. the cells spread to the brain

  3. it starts from some other body organs

  4. the cells grow to compose tumor

  5. the individual cell copies itself to another cell

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