Becaks were banned within the Jakarta city limits in 1994. At that time, former President Soeharto wanted to eradicate becaks from the city streets because they caused traffic problems. However, you can find an occasional becak driver in certain locations within Jakarta. Becak can also be found at the junction of main roads and smaller country lanes.

          Becak are widely missed by people who live in housing complexes off the main roads and small roads which are not serviced by bus routes — as their means of transportation. A becak seats two passengers. If we want to ride it with more comfort, choose the one with a plastic sheet that protects passengers during rain. Bargain before you get in and prepare some small change to pay.

Who eradicated becak from the city?

  1. People in the housing complex.

  2. Former President Soeharto.

  3. Becak drivers in Jakarta.

  4. All people in the city.

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Mantan Presiden Soeharto ingin melenyapkan becak dari kota seperti yang tercantum dalam kalimat kedua paragraf pertama, At that time, former President Soeharto wanted to eradicate becaks from the city streets… (Pada waktu itu mantan President Soeharto ingin melenyapkan becak dari jalanan kota…). Maka jawaban B adalah jawaban yang tepat.


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Jawaban terverifikasi


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